This week, I will finish checking my students' final exams and papers. Also, I will finish writing my final two papers for my Ph.D. Then everything is done.

I can now review my Spanish for the language exams. And review, as well, for the comprehensive exams in Literature.

But more enjoyable, for me, is the return to writing. Ladlad 3 will be launched late November in Bestsellers, 4th floor, Robinsons Galleria. I have proofread the pages of Rampa: Gay Essays. I have made a final draft of Philippine Gay Dict: The Uncut Version. And the cover for The Best Philippine Love Stories anthology is now being done.

These are backlogs.

Future projects: to compile all my Tagalog prose (stories and essays) into a book, and then all my English short stories into another book. Then defend my novel, which is my creative-writing dissertation, so Anvil can go ahead and publish it. They have accepted it for publication last year.

Why am I doing this? Because we need more Philippine books to fill those shelves. Because we need good, readable books that many people can read. Because National Bookstore has 75 branches nationwide and this deluge of books will give me free publicity for the elections of 2010.

Yun na.

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