Mar Roxas and the Liberal Party

Today Mar Roxas was elected President of the Liberal Party. He promised to bring the LP to victory in 2010.

This signals officially the start of the 2010 presidential election. Everybody is saying it is still three years away. But hello!? It is only less than 900 days away!

Mar will run under LP. Manny Villar will run under the Nacionalista Party. Loren Legarda will run under the Nationalist People's Coalition. Lakas-Kampi (or is it Lakas OR Kampi) has no candidate so far. Noli de Castro ran as independent senator in 2001 and under Lakas-CMD-NUCD in 2004, but still has not gotten the complete trust of the coalition, a trust strong enough for him to be its official standard-bearer.

Will one of the opposition presidentiables move to Lakas and run under its party?

As I have said, I think Erap Estrada will run as President in 2010. His intention seems to be to "united" the opposition. So the opposition better unite, as one, or else Tatay Erap will run again.

By the way, I attended the LP event at Club Filipino today and saw my friend Atty. Adel Tamano, spokesman of the Genuine Opposition. He texted me later to thank me for our brief chat after the LP event. He said we might even run under one party in 2010.

I have made no secret of my intention of running as a senator in 2010, under a big political party. As for which party, I have made no decision yet. Maybe Adel and I will run under one party? Which party kaya?



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Marne L. Kilates said...

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