erap pa rin

did you read the headline of the pdi today?

i told you so, more than a month ago, that erap would run again as president of the country in 2010. and what would the supreme court say? they will just let erap run. if he wins, the people have spoken. if he loses, the people have spoken. this is the same supreme court that allowed gma to sit, in 2001. the least they can do, maybe from their point of view, is to let things and events run their course.

Like a fever running its course.

I ran under the Genuine Opposition in the last elections, but I should have trumpeted this to the max. I was well-bred, and polite, and took no potshots at my enemies. Imagine, a fertilizer scam in QC? The Defensors running the district like a fiefdom? Quirino Labor Hospital being turned into a semi-private hospital, with a nice facade and no medicines inside? As Ate Vi, now Governor Vi, would put it, this hullabaloo thing!

I am running again, as a senator this time, and I hope under the Genuine Opposition. Woe to those who would be at the receiveing end of our potshots, wicked one-liners, jokes, puns.

Did you go and check out the website of Erap? It said, "Ang Pagbabalik."

As Jose Garcia Villa, National Artist would have put it: I,told,you,so.

And for those in the upper and middle classes who kept screaming at me in the last month when I told them my hula, read my lips: "You are so few. Many of you do not even vote. All you do is talk."

90 percent of the voters are poor. They will decide who the next leaders would be.

So if I were you and you want to run in 2010, go on a "massification" campaign. Now. As in, ready, get set, go!

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