from cubao to rawalpindi

i just got my phone, finally virus-free. i am in netopia and saw my friend jay espinosa.

i will get anti virus later, installed in my phone.

i saw up all night watching bbc and cnn reports on the death of benazir bhutto. the poor woman refused to wear a bullet-proof vest. but even if she did, the determined assassin shot her in the neck, then detonated himself near her van.

i remember raul roco many years ago, saying he also did not wear a bullet-proof vest because it was cumbersome. he also refused a bodyguard. he only had a driver with him all the time.

jay said there is a seeming parallelism between benazir and ninoy aquino. two asian leaders who came home from exile. ninoy was shot dead on the tarmac, in white, like a bird with a broken wing. bhutto was shot wearing her shawls and headgear. the first female prime minister rankled the islamic militants, the anti-democrats, the whole kontrabida gang.

my fearless forecast: administration bet musharaff will lose this election.

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