in far fairview

home for new year, in far fairview. i am sleepy and overfed. i like it here because my adopted daughter is here, bright and noisy, as well as my nephew -- how did he grow to be so tall? There are housemaids, and cooked food, and a cool room, plus my parents' perfect masahista -- Aling Azon.

I am currently re constructing my cellphone contacts, which got virused. So please email or text me your name and phone number at 0918 979 3665.

I look at 2008 and the books I have to do:

1. Philippine Gay Dictionary -- for final updating

2. Rampa: Gay Essays -- for final layout and cover design

3. Best Phil Love Stories -- for final layout and cover design

And we are just talking about the books that have left my writing table.

UP Press, DLSU Press, Ateneo Press and UST Press keep on asking me for any manuscript they could publish. When I asked why, they said because of reputation, chuvaness. When pressed, they said: "Because your books sell. We want to make money -- for a change." Hmmmm.

Once, I was sitting beside Danny Reyes of the Ateneo in a literary forum. The speakers were complaining there is no money in writing, how low their royalties are, their books gather mold in the stores.

Danny, with his bright tarsier eyes, looked at me and flicked his words: "Ay, Danton. I am sure you don't belong to this group of writers with no readers."

I sure hope so.

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What This Fool Believes said...

I've got most of your books. A fan here.

I bumped into you sa PowerBooks Greenbelt during a poetry reading session(Why Love?) last 15Feb