Ladlad 3 and the plot to kill me

Oh yes, we launched Ladlad 3 like three weeks ago and I was surfing when I saw blog entries about it. That is nice. One that made me laugh was when this group of badinglets (young badings, budding gays, etc) went to get my autograph.

They were so polite so I said, "Ang babait naman ninyo!" Then suddenly, the standee for the tarpaulin behind me was knocked over by somebody, hitting me smack in the face.

With poise intact, I looked at the boys and said, "Syet, mga La Sallista kayo, ano?"

The boylets laughed their heads off, then had their picture taken with the super-fabulous GCF, Gilda Cordero Fernando.

BTW, Ladlad 3 is selling for P495. Anvil wanted it P550 but I vetoed it, saying nobody would buy. It is P495 because paper and ink and etc have become expensive. Blame it on the E-VAT.

And of course on your sitting President. Not mine.


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