pride march 2007 was a success because people worked hard for it for free. the negative vibes are not there. everybody's eyes were focused in one direction.

you should just look at the photos taken by our own ladlad member, jasper espejo. pls check them out at

jasper also designed the cover of my latest book, ladlad 3, co-edited with neil garcia. one call center said half of their 200 agents -- and only a few of them are gay -- have already bought the book.

no wonder ladlad 3 is flying off the shelves.

my website is finally under construction. and i finalizing discussions for a radio show, a tabloid column, and a column in a popular magazine.

who told you 2010 is so far away? not when those running say they are not yet thinking of it, yet are already planning everything, down to the barangay level.

you take care. and enjoy those photos.


The Zen Bitch said...

hi danton,

panalo ang mga photos! so sad i missed the ladlad 3 launch and the pride march. baka mga mid-january pa ako makauwi. may mabili pa kaya akong ladlad 3? sana hindi pa ubos.

it's refreshing to read happy posts from you. wish you the best (not only in) this holiday season! hope to see you when i'm in manila.


The Zen Bitch said...

by the way, i linked this blog to mine. hope you don't mind!

mike pa rin

annochino said...

i like to have a copy of ur book. where could i get one man? haven't seen ur book at NBS or Powerbooks here in Cebu.

Danton Remoto said...

hello friends, ladlad should be in cebu in the next two weeks. it will be reprinted the moment it is out.

ok, i will put happier comments. even if unhappiness seems to be the national situation under gma. hay