perception vs reality

hello, my blog called masaya prompted one of my friends to say he liked it because it is one of my few happy entries. ay. i checked all the entries and they are just that, i guess. mirrors of current reality which, sad to say, is not happy.

pan de sal is P3 a piece.
lpg is P650 per tank.
gas is P44 per liter.
jeepney fare is P7.50 and will rise to P9 in January.
taxi flag down rate will rise to P50 in January.
My income tax is 32 percent, which collected yearly is enough to buy a small car.

all my cousins and relatives are in the us and canada. why am i staying? because i am happy here. if you remember, the point of all philosophy is to change the world. that is why i am here.

i was in the senate yesterday and saw chiz in action during the hearing on the harassment of media. he was good, with his sharp questions. maria ressa of abs, too, very articulate as usual, the military and police officers and cabinet people were not there. afraid siguro. that is what you get when you handcuff media, who should be your friends. and you have to face an array of people brighter than you. hahaha.

i met one of chinese-filipino friends yesterday for lunch and we laughed and laughed. he also does not want to leave. he will raise campaign funds for me in 2009. what do you want in return?

nothing, he said, just good governance.

it's a deal.


Sancho said...

It's amazing though when Ces Drillon was being interviewed on TV Patrol, she said "But they did not advise us they will tear gas the place". Nabawasan ang ganda points nya. My goodness, why on earth would the Military/ Police give such a warning? It's like telling the robbers in the bank, prepare for our next move which is.....

The Zen Bitch said...

hi danton,
i agree, hindi nga mashadong happy ang mga nagaganap sa ating bansa. na-guilty naman ako nang konti dahil andito ako sa ibang bansa.
pag-uwi ko, magdadala ako ng mga accomplished forms ng Ladlad partylist. tuloy-tuloy naman ang recruitment, di ba?
stay happy and gay,

hendrick said...

Go Danton Go!