Successful Pride March

We have come, we are here, and we marched up and down the street in our colorful clothes and vividest words.

Pls see the images that Jasper Espejo captured of the LGBT Pride March 2007. You can find them at

Ang Ladlad won as best delegation -- a heady mixture of oldies (me and I will not say who else), young people from our Caloocan-Malabon-Navotas chapter, and the Boys' Legion, which has an alliance with Ang Ladlad.

Tri-media and the foreign press also covered us. And media behaved. When I told them not to force people to pose as kissing boyfriends, they obliged. How did I do it?

I said, "Mga kuya, pag ginawa n'yo yan, hindi ako mananalong senador sa 2010."

And media being kind to me, they just smiled, and obeyed.


annochino said...

go Danton go! check out my blog at feel free to send in comments. :) will keep in touch when we get to manila. tc.

Danton Remoto said...

thank you. i love the internet, it is so boundless. zoom zoom zoom