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I just talked to Raimund Agapito, my former co-teacher and editor in chief of Pinoy Parazzi, the newest and hottest tabloid in town. Their thrice-weekly tabloid has everybody -- from Boy Abunda to Lolit Solis, and pretty soon, Joey de Leon. I am joining them beginning next week.

I am also finalizing talks with a big AM radio station for a show that would reach the whole country, from Batanes to Basilan.

In February, we might begin shooting a film where I play the role of a teacher.

And just the other day, in Jessica Zafra's launch for Manila Envelope, I teased director Urro dela Cruz about appearing in Bubble Gang. His counter offer: "If you want, I have another show, with a higher rating! You can appear."

Mama mia.

When all those presidentiables tell you they are not running in 2010 and it is still three years away, do not believe them. All of us are preparing. Now. Those running for president, vice, and senators.

But I am the only one who is up front about it, publicizing my every move, gaining points as the days pass.

Wait, wait when the surveys appear in the first quarter of 2008. And then, we will know who will have the early laugh.


Phoenix said...

“Proud because of the many folks here who are out, not ashamed to show their faces, to tell their innermost thoughts and feelings. And a very good number of men and women with immense talent, skills and beauty waiting to be tapped and unleashed for the good of all mankind, the Filipino Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual and Transgenders (LGBT) community in particular.

..Chaka o maganda
lahat pantay-pantay

lesbiyana,bading, silahis o trannies kasama...

I am proud and out,
I wish you, as well… “

Those very words you have posted on your G4m profile struck a chord in me months ago, which led me to start blogging. Sir, like any young gay Filipino, I was very much lost and confused- up until I read Ladlad. I related to everything that was written- poems and stories, the humor, the tears, and the experience of being gay in our country.

I humbly would like to invite you to read a few of the articles I’ve written on my blog- mostly about my own experiences and musings. I hope I’d be able to reach out to the new generation of gay people as Ladlad once helped me to find myself.

Thank you Sir.

Gay wishes!


The Zen Bitch said...

go, danton! the best of luck and more (pink) power to you!

happy holidays!


Danton Remoto said...

dear thad and mike,

super thanks. i will read and comment tomorrow. too many wakes to attend...

take care,