i have been home the past two days because i am sick. cold and cough and head aches. so am taking a slew of medicines, inhaling steam, taking lots of super hot soup.

so for those who text me, i am sorry i cannot answer you. i just sneaked out of the house to write this blog. i can hardly read the letters in my cellphone. my reading glasses have a power of 1,000. my new pair makes it possible for me to see, razor-sharp, images from afar. but when i read something a few inches from my eyes, i cannot read it.

so maybe, you can just email me your questions or comments here. i will answer them. promise.

so what has happened in the last two days? vilma santos, the batangas governor, is being groomed to run as vp. the latest vilma said was calling the alleged payola at malacanang --where she was present -- just a hullabaloo thing. hullabaloo na, thing pa. I think vilma is a good executive, but a VP? Darling, you have to advocate policy and debate and argue till kingdom come. You need an arsenal of words aside from redundant ones like h --- thing.

And Noli de Castro? I think, and this is just me talking, that we need for 2010 an articulate, young, bright leader with a vision. Enough of trapos, of uneducated people, of media sensations. Please lang, ano, Vietnam is poised to take off faster than us. Later, you will see Laos, Cambodia, Bhutan and Sikkim overtaking us.

We are supposed to be a nation of bright people. Oh yes, we are, but we should work more and talk less.

And that is why my blogs are short. Gotta go.


hendrick said...

Now I understand why you hadn't replied.

Can Loren do it?

The Zen Bitch said...

hope you feel better soon, danton. take care!