i told you so

One of our readers said I forgot to include Manny Pacquiao in the Lakas senatorial bets. He will not run. Manny was sad he lost to Darlene. He was sadder, still, when he realized that the millions of his personal money he gave to the political operators never reached the people -- in the form of campaign leaflets, lunch and transport money for his supporters, and pakimkim. So I am sure that Manny will not run again. Since he faced dead ends both as a politician and as an actor, he would just return to where he is, rightfully, the King. In the world of boxing.

And did you watch the TV news tonight? I am right. Lakas is fielding a host of candidates who are three-term congressmen, mayors, governors, and of course, its slew of losing senatorial candidates in 2007. As I said, only Manong Joe de Venecia, Ralph Recto, and Sonny Belmonte would make it. But since Mayor Belmonte just wants to retire -- after making QC one of the best cities in Asia, said The Financial Times -- then Lakas would only get two seats.

Bong Revilla, of course, is running as a VP. And Lito Lapid, may God bless him, will make more movies. Ho-hum.

The Lakas senatorial slate is so Jurassic. I am sure the youth -- who comprise 70 percent of voters -- would just say, "Eh kumusta naman ang mga kandidatong yan?"

And what about the other parties? A president needs a vice-president, plus 12 candidates for senator. The Nacionalista Party of Manny Villar said they have the following senatoriables:

1. Gilbert Remulla --former ABS anchor and former congressman of Cavite
2. Justin Chipeco -- congressman of Laguna
3. Koko Pimentel
4. somebody else whose name I forgot, sorry.

Koko cannot join them, because like me, he is with the PDP-Laban. And the PDP-Laban, of course, is allied with the United Opposition of former President Joseph Estrada.

Of these names, only Gilbert Remulla would win, possibly landing near the bottom of the barrel.

The Liberal Party of Mar Roxas has this list:

1. Erin Tanada - congressman of Quezon
2. Neric Acosta - former congressman of Bukidnon
3. Ruffy Biazon - congressman of -- ano na nga ba iyon?
3. two other names I forgot, bejesus!

Erin and Neric are friends of mine, but objectively speaking, they need national visibility to win.
Both are bright boys, with their hearts in the proper places. But they need to be known, from Batanes to Basilan. Ruffy is just his dad's son.

And the fact that I keep on forgetting the two other names in the LP list means that if I, who live and breathe politics, have forgotten them momentarily, what more Juan and Juana de la Cruz in the plazas and the palengke?

My fearless forecast: There would be two or three opposition parties and they would have difficulty forging together a senatorial slate of 12 good people. So that means there will be guest candidates all around.

And did you read my earlier paragraph where I said I am, still, with PDP-Laban which is allied with the United Opposition? So if they field Jinggoy Estrada for President and Jojo Binay for VP, I am duty-bound, as a good party member, to follow suit?

In theory, yes.

But Philippine politics does not live by theory alone.

Media mileage and national visibility, ladies and gentlemen, is the name of the game.

So let the games begin!


Q The Conqueror said...

OoOoh. Why, out of all the political parties, did you join PDP-Laban? For some reason, I thought you'd go for the Liberal Party (even if Matt and Mike are on the other liberal party).

Taroogs said...

hi danton. finally i found your blog :-) so you don't think there'll be another "united opposition" thing?