ill no more

finally, the flu virus is out of my door. i refused to take antibiotics and such and just drank a drum of water. i could not sleep well, and had hallucinations of me becoming the head of comelec.

i looked at the names of comelec nominees and i smiled. more than half are good and bright people. i hope they get in, so the old scoundrels (both retired, retiring, soon to retire, if not expire) could be like my flu virus: their asses kicked out of the door.

so the student papers and mid terms have to be checked.

and the meetings with the radio station finalized. they asked me could i broadcast more than once a week? i would be insane to say no to a station that is broadcast all over the archipelag0 -- nationally -- and then relayed to every regional and provincial out post beyond the metro.

This was the route taken by my friend Kuya Chiz -- national radio. I am just following his suggestion.

And so to those who text to ask if i have eaten, yes, i have. and sorry i cannot really answer some text messages because i am not cut out to be a text mate. i would rather read. Or go to sleep.

See you next time.

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The Zen Bitch said...

hi danton,

glad to know you're well again. you were right about not taking antibiotics against flu. unnecessary taking of antibiotics is very dangerous. at the risk of sounding motherly, i hope you're eating well and taking at least 1000mg of vitamin C to boost your immune system. you need to be in optimal physical health for the journey ahead.

take care! all the best to you!