Kris Aquino is going to run

A noisy bird told me that, yes indeed, Kris Aquino is going to run for a senatorial seat in 2010. Why?

1. Pres. Cory does not want two children in the Senate. But since Noynoy will be the Vice-Presidential candidate of Mar Roxas's Liberal Party, then the Senate seat for the Aquinos will be vacant.

2. Here comes Kris. She was quoted in 2003 as saying she was interested in running for the Senate. But then, she had to give way to eldest brother, Noynoy.

I campaigned for Noynoy in the last elections because of Cory, and because my party -- the PDP-Laban -- requested me to do so, since Ninoy Aquino and PDP-Laban go back a long, long way, even during the days of martial law. The Ziga family of Albay also requested me to help Noynoy.

When we were going around QC with the Noynoy posters and calendars, the ones with Noynoy and Kris were snapped up in an instant. 'Yung kay Noynoy lang, kamote. So that goes to show how strong little sister with the big mouth is.

3. Kris is a shrewd little girl. She knows that the ratings of her shows are going down and -- more important -- that less and less ads are coming her way. With the entry of KC Concepcion, the ad agencies are now lining up in front of her door. Showbiz people make more money from ads than from their daily TV shows. A top-rating star can make P500,000 a month from two TV shows. One ad 30 seconds long, and shot in less than two hours, can easily rake in P10 million.

So Kris --like our role model Madonna -- has to reinvent herself and run. The shows are going, along with the ads. She was Dad Ninoy's best campaign manager in 1978, when he ran as Assemblyman in the Batasang Pambansa. It was an election that the Marcoses rigged.

So welcome, Kris. I am sure she will top the elections, with Adel sliding to number 2. But if Bong Revilla does not run for VP and runs for senator instead, these will be the top three:

1. Kris Aquino
2. Bong Revilla
3. Adel Tamano

And if Chiz Escudero runs for Vice-President against Jinggoy Estrada, Chiz will win.

How do I know this? Just listen and talk to the masses -- to the people outside our middle-class and upper-class circle. They constitute 80 percent of our voters. And they vote in terms of personalities, not platforms.

So on with the show


sharmaine said...

sir, that is so confounding. kris aquino finally giving in to politics. but will she really top the list? or even win, considering she has become sort of passe. i think people got bored with her when she decided to keep mum about her private life. maybe she should start talking about herself again.

Danton Remoto said...

that is true, sharmaine, but you know what i learned in politics in the last three years?

what we in the middle classes (and the few upper classes who think) want does not matter in an election. in an election, the upper classes skip town and go out of the country for the long weekend. we in the middle classes thus constitute ten percent of the votes.

and the rest? a large 90 percent of the votes are decided on by the D and E voters. that is the reality of it all. the revenge of the masses happen only during elections.

i have read data and documents. i have heard of surveys done in the last six months.

in the provinces and in the regions, kris is very very strong. she, along with korina sanchez, if ever koring will run. i think both of them would get more than 40 percent of the votes.

buti na lang koring will not, because she is duty-bound to help kuya mar in the presidential elections of 2010.

o di va?

Taroogs said...

danton, if it is, indeed, inevitable that kris should win, then... "oh my god!" :-)

Q The Conqueror said...

I just hope she doesn't start singing. >_<