on jv ejercito

Hola. I just went to the website of Tatay Erap, www.erap.ph and there it is. The former President has just asked San Juan Mayor JV Ejercito, his son with Guia Gomez, not to run for Senator again in May 2010. Instead, JV is being asked to run as a Congressman of San Juan, to preserve the district for the family, or some such words. Hmmm. These words really remind me of words members of royalty would use, when talking about their parcels of land.

Being a good son, JV relented. Remember that in the last elections, JV would have won as Senator, but then, Kit Tatad threw a tantrum and said something about a family dynasty. Thus, JV ran instead as San Juan mayor.

And there now lies the problem. Who would be the next mayor of San Juan? JV wants his mother to run. And Jinggoy? He wants his wife Precy to run.

It sounds like a Hollywood sit-com: All in the Family.

And so the fearless forecast. If Erap is not allowed to run by the Supreme Court, then it would be Manny Villar for President and Jinggoy Estrada for Vice-President.

It is now or never for the Estrada family. By 2016, Tatay Erap would be weaker -- politically and otherwise -- and it would be difficult, indeed, for Jinggoy to win as VP on the sheer strength of his father's vaunted command votes.

So as of the latest count, Adel would be top the senatorial race. Wanna bet?

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