ooops; more senatorial names

typos, typos. In the earlier blog, the Chinese money should read: "monkey" and "Sonny Belmote," of course, should be "Sonny Belmonte."

I texted Adel Tamano a fortnight ago to tease him about running in the Senate. My crystal ball tells me 2010 is going to be the year of the young, the fearless, and the politically prepared (read: bright naman, for a change, ha). So here is my list of potential winners in the under 45 category for the Senate of the Philippines.

In no particular order:

Adel Tamano
Darlene Antonino Custodio
Riza Hontiveros Baraquel
Koko Pimentel (if his current senatorial protest does not prosper)
TG Guingona

Add JV Ejercito, also, even if he is from La Salle.

How about the over 45 like Jamby Madrigal? Well, if Judy Anne Santos does not support Jamby this time (and you should hear Juday's manager fulminate about this), Lady Jamby might just say goodbye to a senatorial seat.

How about the others who are between 60 and the call of their Creator? Well, I will wait for their names to become clearer in my pink crystal ball.

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Daniel Ted said...

You forgot to include Manny Pacquiao