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for those who e-mailed and texted, thanks. yes, i take 1000 mg (mg ba yun) of Vitamin C. I avoid antibiotics. And my doctor also gave me Vitamin B. She said I need to be stronger for the return of the comeback in 2010.

Did you see the list of senatorial candidates that Lakas has just released? It is a list of congressman whose three terms are up: de Venecia of Pangasinan, Zialcita of Paranaque, Nograles of Davao, del Mar of is that Samar? (Or it just rhymed?). They are also forcing Mayor Sonny Belmote of QC, my city, to run, as well as Mayor Duterte of Davao City. And then, of course, Tol Defensor of my third district, QC.

Lakas is also asking Bong Revilla and Lito Lapid from the current Senate to run. This is unfortunate, especially in the case of the latter who is a confirmed member of the Comite de Silencio, a group of senators who typify the money of Chinese mythology: see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil. In short, they never spoke in the halls of the Senate. At least, Bong Revilla spoke up for the Anti-Discrimination Bill last year, in the Senate.

Ralph Recto is also running, and Butch Pitchay.

Well, well, well. They must think that running for the Senate is easy if you have been a congressman. Wrong. Running for the Senate needs a national visibility. The country is not the city; it is not your district, too, where you could easily win friends and influence people by magical means, especially done the eve of election day.

Among these senatoriables, my crystal ball tells me the following will win:

1. Manong Joe de Venecia

2. Sonny Belmonte -- but Mayor Belmonte, my sources told me, just wants to rest after his three terms as QC Mayor.

3. Bong Revilla -- but my sources tell me he will run as a VP.

4. Ralph Recto -- because Governor Vi, of the hullaballoo thing, will campaign for him.

So the only Lakas winners so far, among those running, would be Manong Joe de Venecia and former Senator Ralph Recto.

They will win, yes, but my crystal ball tells me they will be found down there, in the lower bottom of the top 12 senatorial winners. Wanna bet a bowl of mami?

And how about Tol and Pechay? They have a lot of growing up to do.

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