thank you

Thank you to those who texted me and gave their cellphone numbers. You see, I am reconstructing my virused cell phone. All the numbers were erased. I think this is part of my political enemies' campaign to cut me off from all my contacts. Charing.

Also, to the young people who texted me, super thanks. I have always thought that Lolo Pepe Rizal was right. In you lie the hope of the country. Not in some skunk-smelling, super-mega-hyper trapo with fat and oily face posturing in your TV screens.

Also, I have sent my first column to Pinoy Parazzi, the hottest and newest tabloid in town, which comes out 3 x a week. Full of photos with funny captions and a gaggle of celebrity columnists, this tabloid should take the country by storm this year. They are now working on their distribution outside the metro. So for those of you who texted me to ask Pinoy Parazzi to go all over the country, your wish was my command.

Their website is

My column is called "Itanong kay Professor Danton," which is an advice column for young people regarding education, arts and culture. It is a short, cheeky column that I hope will get lots of readers, the way my Phil Star column and blog have lots of readers -- half of them spies from the other political groups monitoring what this "mere" English teacher is doing to jump-start the campaign.

As they say, mamatay kayo sa inggit!

Happy new year!


jhong said...

can't wait to read your column. i have all the ladlad books but i have yet to buy gaydar. =) peace.

Danton Remoto said...

thank you. gaydar is on sale at national bookstore. 2nd printing na. thanks to the readers :-)