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comments from the closet

i got lots of text messages telling me that they fear that the government has an alleged secret video of neri with his boyfriend and if that is released, how could neri's family take it?

what? say that again?

our focus here is on neri telling the truth. thus, we don't want anybody -- whether individual or state -- to blackmail him into telling the truth by foisting the threat of outing him. all this video scenario sounds like an fbi case in the 1950s.

most of the people who texted me are closeted cases themselves. in neri they might have seen what could have happened, or what might happen, if there are unsavory videos of themselves with their boyfriends. do you really think your parents will have a heart attack if they know you're gay? or that your sibling don't know?

excuse me lang, ano. i have received vicious attacks in one gay site for speaking out like this. i don't care if these gay men spend all their lives in the closet and ogling porn in the Internet. Mabulag kayo diyan. But I do care when they spite me for speaking out. Or when they make libelous comments that the Free Press award-winning story published by the site was plagiarized. The comment was written in Bicolano, and the bitch did not know that my parents are from Bicol and I could out-curse him in that colorful language. They are just brave because they are anonymous in the Internet. When I answered one of them in his yahoo account, naturally he kept silent. the silence of the lambs. tail hidden between doggy legs. gloria's cousin, i am sure.

or when people told me to keep quiet and not tangle with senator madrigal because like me, she is also with the opposition. i am not personally tangling with her. i am discussing a political and professional issue with her.

even though i am running for political office, allow me to speak my mind in my patented colorful way. that is the way i am. and woe to him, or her, who wants to transform me into a pre-packaged, image-burnished politician.

he or she won't even get past the dog in the yard.

see what gloria does to us? a proliferation of dog images!

That was why,


Taroogs said…
You go, Danton! What a person does behind his/her bedroom doors is PRIVATE, and to record it against that person's will and use it to blackmail him/her is much much worse than any possible sexual act I can think of.

This government's propensity to resort to blackmail is yet another compelling reason for us to bring it down!
sharmaine said…
sir, it's true. nobody parents have yet to die of a heart attack for having gay children. muscle spasm maybe from holding it in. so whether or not neri is gay, as you keep saying : why not?

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