high ho, high ho

hahahahaha! as the French would put it, do not correct your enemies when they are making a mistake.

Gaite whose salary is less than P30 k giving P500 k to Lozada who has met just twice?

GMA admitting she corrected the flawed NBN ZTE deal, but only after five months, when the Senate began investigating.

Ermita correcting Gaite when Gaite said the money came from him.

Buney correcting GMA when she said the NBN ZTE deal is flawed.

The generals marching down EDSA like a flock of penguins.

Those of us old enough during martial law have seen this and heard this.

As the great Scottish poet and novelsit Sir Walter Scott put it, in my paraphrase: The more you attempt to deceive, the more you would get stuck in a spider web of lies.

And so, like nunal on the face, like blue-bottle flies (bangaw) caught in spider webs, let us applaud and cheer as this government dooms itself with one lie after another.

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hendrick said...

cheers! are you goin to be on the street tomorrow?