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i went to la salle for the mass. we have to thank gma for making la salle and ateneo work for a common objective -- her ouster.

at la salle i saw poor people, not just the middle and upper classes the papers reported. one old woman was holding the hand of her grandson, who has Down's syndrome. A mother was carrying her baby. A father came with two kids in tow. When parents and grandparents bring their children -- and when the nuns and the businessmen are already there -- the boat is on the way to tipping over.

I am in school and could not go to the senate today. But we will have a mass at ateneo, then candle-lighting and rally again, at katipunan avenuei already called up the tv stations. they are lightning-quick with their responses. for all their excesses, i am happy phil media are here. if not, jun lozada would be dead by now.

the saga continues. my psychics said people will fall from their perches. malapit na...

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Taroogs said...

amen and amen, danton... malapit na talaga.