like the abu sayyaf

My friend natoy reyes of bayan muna hit it right on the head. asking gma to lead a corruption-free society is like asking the abu sayyaf to take care of kidnappings in mindanao.

Hay, like the government, we should not let the cbcp depress us. I am sure those bishops from Mindanao have their own reasons for supporting GMA. Millions of reasons in thick, white envelopes. This is really the Age of Hypocrisy.

And so this Friday, the Ateneo delegation is joining the big rally in Makati. May free bus pa, but no water and food for us :-) So I told my students, simply, I am not coming to class this Fridayto join a rally. Join me if you want, but no ten points added to your quizzes if you do.

I have not skipped a class to attend a rally so far, but enough is enough. The country is bigger than my classroom.

And as for GMA? Listen, listen to the rumblings of the junior officers. She may have the generals in the hem of her shiny skirts, but these old farts are nothing compared to the vigour, the passion, the love of country exhibited by the junior officers.

Just you wait and see.


felipe vito said...

ay mama danton salamat at andyan ka. bicolano. hindi joker. afraid of the mob ang cbcp. pag afraid sa mob, one of the mob sila. basa ko libro mo luma na yon. papablooming ka na talaga. boto kita ulit 2010 or 2013 huwag ka tigil. ano na nangyari sa "do not be afraid" movement?

hendrick said...

God bless for tomorrows errand.
Why not all the groups which will be rallying JOIN together as one-in one place.