Yesterday, i went to powerbooks 3 in greenbelt to attend the launching of pulutan, a book by former magdalo detainees and PMA officers Emerson Cruz and Elmer Rosales.

The book has since become a bestseller since its publication last September but was launched only yesterday. The two writers were released from detention only last December.

When I joined a table of writers that included Gemma Cruz Araneta, one of the women told me, "Maanghang yan, Danton." I tasted and smiled. It was nothing: of course, being from Bicol, that peppery thing was nothing.

I lined up to have my book signed. Elmer went to the rest room and only Emerson was there. I told him my name, and he said, "Of course, I know you. You should run for senator in 2010."

And then in a lower voice, he told me something that made me smile. Since they are the Boys of Magdalo, I am not under liberty to tell you what those boys told me.


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