silence of the lambs

sorry for the silence of one week. anyway, some days last week i posted at least onc, at the most, two blog entries.

i attended the 62nd anniversary of the liberal party held at the sb barangay hall in barangay commonwealth, a depressed area. there was a medical and dental mission, as well as a town hall meeting on zero VAT for oil and the cheaper medicines bill of Sen Mar Roxas.

I went there as an observer. The media, as well as LP politicians (Butch Abad, Bolet Banal of QC, Congressman Erin Tanada, et al) asked me if I am already a member of the LP. I said I am not.

I have not yet made a decision which party to join for the 2010 elections. The president of the party is duty-bound to help his VP and senatorial candidates, especially in the financial aspect. Nobody with clean hands has P50 million of his own personal money to burn in a senatorial election.

Two political parties have asked me to join their senatorial slate. I will meet with two more parties, then I will decide during the last quarter of the year.

In the meantime, did you notice Ace Durano's tourism ads on TV? He is being asked to run. Did you notice Noli de Castro's Pag-Ibig housing ads on TV? He is definitely running.

And what am I doing?

Going to college campuses every two weeks, talking to student editors and student leaders, as well as hundreds and hundreds of students.

Finalizing an AM station deal that will make my voice be heard twice a week, all over the country.

And trying to sit down and start my long-delayed tabloid column.

Let us see who will capture the imagination of the nation in 2010. If 70 percent of voters are between 18-40, then that is the voting niche that you have to focus on.

Otherwise, you can burn all your ill-gotten money and land beyond the top 12. Look at the names of the losers in the last senatorial elections. Too much money spent, but still, kulelat.

God must still be there, outside the voting center, paring his or her fingernails.


Taroogs said...

danton, do you think there is such a thing as a "youth vote?" and, if yes, how come certain youth-oriented PL groups still haven't managed to get a nominee elected (unlike the women-oriented PL groups)?

Danton Remoto said...

Statistically, yes. 70 percent of voters are between 18-45, the UN definition of the youth.

Ang Kabataan did not win last elections. I helped them in District 3 of QC. They were on their own, with no resources from other allied groups.

Also, they did not have a deep bench of supporters in all the regions of the country.

In 2010, they should run again. And begin campaigning now. The Internet is a good place to start. And then the college campuses, where they should already be speaking every other week.

Ooops, am leaking too much info on my pre-election campaign strategy.

I have been to the Bicol Region, Capiz, Iloilo, Ilocos Norte, Bulacan, Laguna and Cavite in the last 8 months. I went to campuses, markets, barangay halls, hospitals, and beauty parlors. The response is staggering. People remember Ang Ladlad, they also recall my name.

To take a break, I went to KL last sem break. I was happy because I thought nobody knew me.

When I landed, five carpenters accosted me and asked me if I am Danton? I said yes, they smiled, and said they would have voted for Ang Ladlad Party List.

Why? I asked.

"Kasi hindi kayo mukhang magnanakaw."

I rest my case.