2010 combinations for president and vice-president

like numbers in a rumble for the P150-million lotto, we can also juggle names for the president and vice-president candidates for 2010. there will no single and unified opposition ticket that will comprise the so-called Genuine Opposition. everything will be split, like the pieces of a bibingka.

as of today, my pink crystal ball sees the following combinations:


president - noli de castro
vice- president - bong revilla

nacionalista party:

president - manny villar
vice-president - alan peter cayetano

liberal party:

president - mar roxas
vice president - noynoy aquino

nationalist people's coalition:

president - loren legarda
vice-president - chiz escudero

united opposition

president - erap estrada
vcie-president - jojo binay

laban ng demokratikong pilipino faction:

president - ping lacson
vice-president - jamby madrigal

Who will win? I do not know. But if elections were held today, monday, march 10, 2008, this would be the fearless forecast of my pink crystal ball:

1. Erap Estrada and Loren Legarda

neck and neck, possibly at 30 percent each. 30 percent is Erap's consistent percentage of voters, while 30 percent is the average of Loren's last two published survey results with SWS.

2. Mar Roxas and Manny Villa

neck and neck for second place.

3. Noli de Castro -- quite close to Mar and Manny.

Erap wants to prove his innocence, the innocence of the lamb, while Loren is a get-up-and-go gurl. Like race horses, their noses are out there, pointed at the finish line.

The rest has to catch up, work harder, communicate better. Visibility and image are the key.

Remember, one year from now, or March of 2009, it will be all systems go!


Q The Conqueror said...

I think Mar Roxas is the choice of the middle class and the youth for President. Manny Villar is just too mukhang pera, Noli too bobo, Loren too ambitiosa, Erap a has-been and Ping scary.

If Chiz does run for VP, he's going to win. Although personally, I'd go for Noynoy. Bong will be too busy making money, Alan Peter a liar/traitor, Jamby dumb, Binay old. There's something fishy bout Chiz. I just can't name it.

I doubt Erap will run though.

colection said...

vice- president - bong revilla?

nagpapatawa ba kau?

bat di nyo nalang kaya punuin ng artista ang bansa natin at politika

Danton Remoto said...

dear colection,

coorect ka diyan. but it is not me (you used the word "kau") who want this.

these combinations came from the staff members of the people concerned, or their allies, or their friends. i just heard or learned about these, and reporting it in my blog.

it does not mean am endorsing bong revilla, although i have met with his staff .....