as for the senators

lakas-kampi will field their jurassic candidates, three-termer candidates that nobody has heard of outside their provinces. the following are the strong ones:

1. pia cayetano - if she does not move to the opposition. but why should she? siblings always run with opposite parties, to preserve the territory.
2. ralph recto
3. ace durano -- do you wonder why he's on tv touting tourism, kuno, all the time?
4. cesar montano

the rest can go home and plant camote.

and the opposition, as usual, will be split. the old ones like maceda, tatad, etcetera will still attempt a comeback, pero good luck na lang sa kanila, ano? the following are strong:

1. adel tamano
2. darlene antonino custodio
3. koko pimentel -- if he does not kick the senator from maguindanao, migs zubiri, in his perch
4. riza hontiveros baraquel

5. franklin drilon (comeback kid)
6. jun magsaysay (comeback kid)
7. serge osmena (comeback kid)

8. and of course, the one and only, our former student at the ateneo: kris aquino.

the senate will dominate. whoever lands as numbers 1 and 2 in the 2010 race will be shoo-ins as the VP bets for 2016.

Hmmmm. Vice-President Kristeta Bernandette Aquino-Yap coming?

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Q The Conqueror said...

I wonder how all the ambitious senators trying to get to the top will manage to garner enough senatoriables for their respective parties. If Loren, Ping, Mar and Manny run, I doubt they can fill all the slots.