Photos, videos and spelling checker

It is Holy Thursday and I am home in Fairview. I like it because the housemaids cook, the aircons are in full blast, and it is so quiet in here.

Also, I am happy to know that I can, actually, post photos and videos in my blog. I just discovered it now. And I can even check the spelling! See what you learn during Holy Week?

Thus, I will post photos and videos here, and check my spelling from now on.

Regarding the Erap 2010 bumper stickers, the camp of former President Estrada said it did not come from them. Okay, all right, as Ate Vi would say.

The presidentiables are just resting for Holy Week, but their April schedules have been fixed down pat. It means more visits out of Metro Manila, to give speeches at commencement ceremonies, or attend the birthdays and anniversaries of the political giants in the provinces, or crown fiesta queens.

Why not attend the crowning of Miss Gay Beauty Contest winners as well -- and be surprised how prettier they are that the so-called queens you are used to crowning.

As my friend in Thailand would put it, happy holy week.

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