Political powwow

I saw Adel Tamano going to the holding area for speakers after he spoke. Pau, the transgender with me, said Adel was so cute and maybe we could take photos? That is easy, I said. I waited for the hubbub to die down around Adel, then I called him.

He left he people swarming around him and sat down with me. I think the pink delegation was impressed :-) Adel and I have known each other since our days at the Ateneo: I as a very young teacher, and he was a student. I am friends with some of his relatives in Mindanao.

I pushed him to run for the senate. He pushed me to do likewise, and said he would be happy if he both ran under one party. Uh-oh. I said that is one thing I cannot guarantee. Have to talk to all of them first.

The intensity of our conversation on 2010 could be seen in my crumpled, avocado-green bag and in Adel's piercing look.

If Adel and I would not be running as senators in 2010, we would be extremely happy just teaching (he is president at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila) and reading tons of books.

I think 2010 would make history, because some of the young people running, friends of mine all, are really, in our heart of hears, just nerds and geeks.

But maybe, salvation would be at hand, because we would be too busy reading books and not thinking of tong-pats, bukols, success fees, and commissions...

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