typos + adel tamano + speech reception

sorry for the typos in some of my blogs. it must be the arthritis in the fingers, or the failing eyesight.

before i spoke, i saw my friend adel tamano joined our group of lgbts in the holding area. photos were taken, and even the lesbians said adel was cute. o di ba, crossing gender divides yan. i told adel he should run as senator, and he said: i will run it you run. i told him i will run, and he laughed so loud, drawing looks from the people around us.

adel and i updated each other about the presidential, vp and senatorial candidates' slates (plural) for 2010. we even traded jokes about some of them. adel is bright, witty, warm and wise. he is also a funny guy. but since i am not at liberty to divulge the details of our discussions, let me just say that my previous blog entries seem to be on the right track.

adel invited me to speak at pamantasan ng lungsod ng maynila, where he is the president. then i was called to the wing of the stage. when i was called, i took three deep breaths, then walked up stage, to the blinding lights.

i delivered the speech i wrote. i even delivered a shorter one, because i did not want to go beyond the three minutes allocated per speaker.

half of my me was delivering my speech, and half of me was stunned: for there were 5,000 people,and those at the back were jumping up and down when i was speaking, and those sitting on chairs were giving high fives to each other, and those sitting on the ground were craning their necks and laughing. everybody was having a good time, a warm and wild and happy crowd.

the secret in giving a speech is a short story. or a series of three very short stories. which i did. maybe because i have been teaching for 22 years, i do not fear any form of public speaking. in fact, i relish it. i was born to speak. my namesake, of course, was danton: a brilliant lawyer and orator, who was decapitated during the french revolution.

when i finished my speech the crowd was cheering. backstage i was mobbed with people wanting photos, autographs, media interviews, handshakes.

one muslim lawyer went to me said, "ang tapang pala ninyo." i just smiled at him, because he might be a future comelec commissioner :-)

as i was leaving, one old and wizened journalist went to me and said: "danton, the last time i saw a crowd react as wild as that was during the time of miriam, in 1992."


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That was something! Your a good person so I linked you from my blog. Thanks!