the youth vote

i got some notes from you that the youth vote for the 2010 presidentiables would go to mar roxas. i think so. but we are talking about the middle and upper-class youth again, which might indeed go to him.

the youth vote is a big vote -- around 70 percent -- and it will also be split between mar and loren. loren, i think, will get the votes of the CDE youth.

like you, i hope that erap will not run in 2010. but i have it on good authority that he would. oh, yes, he would, if only to clear his name.

i will appear in anc tomorrow, thursday, 6-7 pm, for a forum on homosexuality in media. they asked me to wear my pink barong. ok, i said, even if rey langit abhors it.

and on friday, the united oppposition has invited me to speak at the anti-gma rally between 5-7 pm at liwasang bonifacio. a three-minute speech.

this should be exciting.


judgedre said...

i happened to read joey de leon's column today, "luhod", (march 12) in manila bulletin. the column, from my point of view, is a degrading attack on gays. it was malicioulsy written, and just his offensive comic antics, really hits gayhood below the belt. this old man is everything but respectable person.
go, sir danton! bring the pride to the senate and slam all these chauvinists pigs

WalaLang said...

Hi Danton - I was able to watch you guys (you, Jigs Mayuga and Mojo Jojo) guesting in that ANC show. Your segment was obviously the most interesting but what struck me were the comments of the other guest - the talent manager - describing the factors that perpetuate the entertainment industry's bias against gay actors particularly how it's "defamatory" to call or hint that someone is homosexual but not the other way around. If only that guy used his connections in the industry to secure for example a "non-gay" role for his talent, Rustom Padilla, then perhaps people will get past their own stereotypes. Lastly, may I ask where I can get a copy of the letter written by Inday (I forgot her last name - the last guest of Luchi Cruz-Valdes) to Sen. Madrigal?

Thank you.