Final exams

It is a week after final exams. I saw my students going to Kantina, the drinking place beside Shakey's, on Katipunan. For them hell week is over. Well, it is still here. I am down to the last section, having checked the three other sections. Grades are due tomorrow, online.

In the midst of these, of course, life moves on. My mother tells me that we will have a super big family reunion in the third week of May, in Albay. So I am having things printed: my photos in pocket size, at the back of which are things helpful for students -- measurements, conversion rates, etc. My former Ateneo teacher, Lou Vidal, is also helping me do a komiks version of my life. How to distill 45 years into four pages of komiks? A friend of mine has offered to print it, for free. I am also gathering lots of used/ second hand books, to be donated to the book-less public libraries of the state colleges in the Bicol Region.

My eyebrows fly when so-called political operators tell me that I need P100 million, or P200 million, for the senatorial race. You need that if you did not start early, or if nobody knows you.

That is why I bank on the kindness of friends, who own printing presses, who design collaterals, who own restaurants and hotels, who have mouths bigger than Tina Turner's. For word of mouth is still the best marketing tool.

In the next few days, some of the young people (between 35-45) running for senator in 2010 will meet, and start a discussion group going. We want to talk and cross party lines, bound only by our love for this crazy and beautiful country. If we do not talk now, in the second quarter of 2008, we will be drowned out by the political noise that will surely start by october of 2008.

lolo pepe rizal said it best: the youth is the hope of the fatherland. should be. still is. all the time.

now time to stop reading other people's controversial blogs, and continue checking papers again. ugh!

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hendrick said...

Don't 4get the book that you promised (ok, not actually a promise) to give me this May, remember? just contact me with my number 09292781209