On the suspension of the dectors and nurse in the cebu scandal

Ang Ladlad welcomes suspension of 2 doctors,
nurse in rectal surgery scandal

Ang Ladlad, the national organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender Filipinos, welcomed the suspension by the Department of
Health of two doctors and one nurse involved in the rectal surgery
scandal at the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC).
Department of Health regional director Susana Madarieta imposed a
three-month preventive suspension.

Danton Remoto, chairman of Ang Ladlad, said "This is only the
beginning of the end for these callous and inhuman doctors and nurses
who turned the operating room of the hospital into a circus. They not
only stripped Danilo of his human dignity, but also stained the
Philippine medical profession, which has already been besieged by a
series of scandals."

However, Remoto also wants the nursing student who uploaded the video
in You Tube barred by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC)
from taking the nursing licensure examinations. "He or she has no
right to practice the profession of nursing, which is a caring
profession. Moreover, the PRC should also look into the revocation of
the licenses of the doctors concerned. We also wonder why only three
people were suspended when the Central Visayas Ombudsman fact-finding
investigation found out that seven doctors and five nurses must face
administrative charges. I think they should all be suspended to give
a lesson to all that we should not discriminate based on sexual
orientation and class in society."

Danilo is a minimum-wage earner in a flower shop who had sexual
relations with a male sex worker on the night of Dec. 31. When he
woke up, a perfume canister was already lodged in his rectum. He was
operated on at the hospital two days later.

The counsel for the suspended doctors are appealing their decision,
saying that this deprives Cebu of medical service. "It does,
factually. But do you really want to be served by people whose
reputations have been stained by this scandal, which has dropped the
surgical masks they wear and showed them for who they really are? How
can you even expect competent and professional medical care from
people like this?"

Ang Ladlad has offered to beef up the legal team of Danilo and has
also offered professional therapy to the victim of the scandal.

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