second novel

super mega hyper thanks to all who wrote and said they like the novel. i have written only five chapters so far.

i applied for a university research grant at the ateneo so i could get help in writing the novel, but guess what? the phds turned me down. they said i needed a framework for my novel.

for an unfinished novel?

you only give a framework for reading or interpretation to a text that is already finished. i gave a framework for the five chapters, and told them that creative writing is a work in progress. you cannot pin down or freeze a framework, and stick to it.

but i guess the program is vetted by social and physical scientists who know nothing, really, about what my guru father roque ferriols called the mysterium tremendum of life, and the mysterium tremendum of the creative process.

and so, i am now writing a new chapter in my novel. it is called "the framework."

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