fearless forecasts for the 2010 elections

I am sure some tomatoes will be thrown my way, but these are fearless forecasts I saw in my pink crystal ball. I am not saying they would certainly come to pass. I hope some of them do not. But since the pre-election campaign for 2010 has begun, here are the forecasts from the balitog gallery:

1. If Erap Estrada runs in 2010, he will win by a landscape, errr, by a landslide. At least 30-35% of the electorate is still with him, and as my freshmen students would put it, That is Solid. But since the Supreme Court, which is perceived to be GMA-friendly, won't allow it, then Tatay Erap must think of Option B.

2. Option B might be Senator Jinggoy running as the VP of Senate President Manny Villar.

3. Senator Jinggoy will face stiff opposition from Senator Chiz Escudero, who will run as the VP candidate of Loren Legarda under NPC.

4. Or why not? Senator Chiz might have an alliance with the Liberal Party and run as the VP candidate of Mar Roxas. That would be a dream team of bright, relatively young boys, as my friends from the LP might put it.

5. Lakas will field Noli as President and Dick Gordon as Vice President. Both will/ might lose. Luz Valdez, Lucila Lalu.

6. So if Erap is not allowed to run, it will be a presidential slugfest among Mar, Manny, and Loren. Take your pick.

7. If Senators Jinggoy and Chiz run for VP, it will be a close fight. I think Senator Chiz might win.

So to summarize, it is either:

President: Erap Estrada (if he is allowed to run). Or anybody among Mar, Manny, or Loren.

Vice President: Chiz Escudero (the newest, brightest star in the political firmament, with astounding votes to show for it).

8. As for the senatoriables especially from Lakas-CMD, hahahahaha!

My laughter the other day when Lakas named its probable senatoriables still rings round the gallery of fools. Lakas thought of asking former Miss Universe Margie Moran, but I heard that then and now, she is saying no. The bright and beautiful woman would rather focus her energy on helping Mindanao. When I last talked to Edu Manzano a few months ago, he said he had no money and might not run. Well, who has money to burn for the campaign? As for Dawn Zulueta, ano ba? Let her enjoy, first, her reinvigorated career as an actress and a product endorser.

So the only winners in the Lakas-CMD camp would be my kumare Senadora Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Ralph Recto. Maid Miriam said last year she would not run anymore, because politics has only given her heartache and loss of privacy. But as they say, you can never can tell with Maid Miriam. She has not lost her ability to surprise us.

Ate Vi will run again as Governor of Batangas and focus her considerable popularity into the campaign of Ralph Recto. So Senadora Miriam and Mr. Vilma Santos are the only winners from Lakas-CMD. How about Bong Revilla? or Cesar Montano? They may have flourishing showbiz careers - please note that they have at least two TV shows each, ha, ang daming exposure, noh! But still, Luz Valdez, Lucila Lalu.

9. As for the senatoriables from the Opposition parties (please note the plural form), I will keep my lips sealed because:

A. They are friends of mine.

B. They/we are gathering names for our respective slates and talking to them. All I can say is that all the parties are having difficulty completing the list of 12 strong candidates.

C. I am part of the process as both a candidate and intermediary between and among several, possible political alliances and coalitions.

Therefore, I cannot divulge any names yet and the tangent of the discussions. All I can say is that although there is a slew of re-electionist senators, the young and the brave of heart -- who have will of steel, the popularity of rock stars, and the charm of the devil -- will hold their own among the realm. Well, well, well, some of them might even end up as the top six senators in 2010!

10. Let me just say that things will fall into place by October or November of this year -- when the candidates have taken their respective oaths in their new parties, new alliances or new coalitions, when campaign funds have been formally offered, and when the slates would have been firmed up.

Why October and November? Because we need December of 2008 to rest, to relax, to sleep the sleep of the just.

When the first day of January 2009 dawns on us, the batte royale would begin.


The Purple Phoenix said...

VP Chiz E. (Ili-link ko po sa Team Chiz Multiply ang blog entry niyo.)Kahit mas gusto ng mga members namin ng presidente agad. Ako naman kahit ano basta manalo. Mas maganda na ang VP na panalo kaysa Presidentiable na talo. (Isang bagay na hindi naiintindihan ni Pichay.)

At tulad niyo po hindi ko rin kinaya ang level ng mga senatoriables ng 'Super Party' (words of Bong Revilla) a.k.a. Lakas-Kampi. Lalo na ng makita ko na binabasa ni Boy Nograles ang listahan nila sa isang papel (na mistulang kodigo) na ang ipinansulat pa ay black marker pen.

Pero walang tatalo kay Bayani Fernando. Lupit talaga. Humingi ng comment ang media ukol sa pagkakasama niya sa senatorial line-up, humirit ba naman na pang-presidente siya.

Dapat kasi 'Partido Lakas Tama' ang pangalan ng grupo nila.

KBAS said...

while sitting on my table waiting for a call from someone, i browse the web and got into the blogsite of amiable danton. heard about him back home and i happen to have worked with his brother (francis) but never got the chance of meeting him in person.( i love to!)

as i was enjoying all the topics, (most of them keep me grinning wide) i came across this comment of purple phoenix. oh my, im not into politics, and i voted and personally campaigned for chiz last election (whom she happen to be promoting), but she seemed to be insulting BAYANI FERNANDO!

Tell me..have you been to marikina?

Do you know him well?

have you gone through all his works as a leader?

if your answer is no...you're missing so much! wont dare tell you what...chiz is cute. its all that you are looking at!