Legarda: "I will run in 2010"

By Veronica Uy
First Posted 12:21:00 06/03/2008

MANILA, Philippines -- With two years to go, Senator Loren Legarda is sure about running for the highest office in the land.

On Tuesday, Legarda was engaging reporters in banter over the flak she is getting for her endorsement of the anti-oxidant product, Lucinda DS, when she said: "Tatakbo ako. Kahit ayaw nila akong patakbuhin, tatakbo ako [I will run. Even if they don't want me to run, I will]."

When told by reporters that ABS-CBN broadcaster Korina Sanchez has been going after her endorsement of the product, Legarda said this could be a signal that 2010, when presidential elections will be held, is near.

"Other personalities have endorsed the product without so much fuss, but it has become controversial when I endorsed it," she said.

But when asked to go on camera with what she had just said, she gave a more staid answer. She said she will run if she is certain that she can effect change in the country.

Earlier in the day, she also criticized Vice President Noli De Castro for spending more than P200 million advertising his work in housing.

De Castro and Legarda, both former ABS-CBN talents, ran against each other in the 2004 polls.

"Noli should explain why he is spending the people's money and public funds, which according to reports, is worth more than P200 million,” she said in Filipino. “The amount should be able to provide low-cost housing to more than 600 poor families. It is not appropriate to use people's money for self-promotion and radio and television ads. This is corruption and not appropriate."

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