no name-calling, please

I am sorry that, for the first time, i had to reject a comment just sent to me. it is about my article from entitled "in praise of the pinoy male."

Obviously, the taglish-speaking men i am talking about are middle-class, even upper, who live in the metropolis. but that does NOT mean i ignore the poor, the lower-class, the ones who do not speak taglish. I think it is a failure of the imagination to think that just because the writer did not mention them in ONE column, the writer is already against them. You have to take things in a particular context when you read them.

When I went to Bicol last May, most of my conversations were done with market vendors, farmers, fishermen, government employees, public school teachers and students from state colleges. They were not Taglish-speaking, not middle class, certainly not upper.

So to call me a "liar" in a blog, without using your real name, based on a column that is, obviously, misunderstood is unfair. I want to write you an e-mail but I do not have your email address.

So sorry, to the netherworld of cyberspace you go.

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