What about youth?

Answering queries of the young is the subtitle of the recently finished youth forum the Young Turks had at the UP NCPAG from 1 to 5 pm today. Thanks go to the Student Council of UP NCPAG led by Sheila Mae Sabalburo, Prof. Liling Magtolis Briones, Dean Alex Brillantes Jr, and the Manila Concert Choir for a most wonderful afternoon.

And of course, to the students. They listened and asked questions, which is the part I always like best in a youth forum. Our emcees were Jeff Manalo and Pebbles Sanchez.

I want to write about this longer, when I have rested after a class I just finished. Suffice it to say that the event, like our first campus tour in Silliman, was a rousing success. After the forum, the students rushed to the stage for photos. I stood up, and the chair I was sitting on fell, and I almost fell with my chair. The stunned students managed to grab my hand. But we just laughed about it. Nearby, Adel and Gilbert and TG were also surrounded by students, for the photo ops. JV arrived and gave a message but had to leave early for another engagement. Erin was out of town for work as Chair of the Human Rights committee in Congress.

We are just Young Turks. But we were treated like rock stars.

As the great Pepe Smith would put it, "rock on!"


khem said...

yeah I was there and you were so good. Keep up the good work and continue to rock. you and your group have my support.

cesario minor, jr. said...

keep rocking,young turks!:)

Pebbles Sanchez said...

Thank you for visiting UP-NCPAG and for inspiring the youth to make a difference. Students from other schools are already asking us how to organize such event. They are looking forward to have your group in their respective schools/universities.

Keep it up Young Turks!