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My friend, Bambit Kapauan-Gaerlan, should be thanked for the new, civilized, and sassy look of my blog. I also met with her last Saturday at Greenbelt to have a go-see of my website. We will activate it ASAP.

I am now finalizing my political platform, plus the other texts (literary, political, otherwise) needed for the website. I am also sending Bambit a gazillion photos to choose from.

Plus something I learnt from the Barack Obama campaign. A slot for Paypal, so our friends here, there and everywhere can start sending in their donations.

A senatorial campaign is a super-expensive campaign. Even if a major opposition party includes me in their slate, I still have to have funds to add to the campaign.

And so the fund-raising begins.

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Eloise said...


I humbly give you my greetings. I am a daughter of a certain politician here in negros occidental. He asks me to see if how can he contact you through email. He has some important items to discuss with you. If you may sir, I respectfully ask for your email address. Thank you.