Preparing for a nasty exit

By Ellen Tordesillas
Ang Pahayagang Malaya

In her fake presidency, Gloria Arroyo has every right to appoint anybody- scoundrels and losers -in her cabinet.

If she thinks Chavit Singson, will help her stay in power, let her be. After all, if not for Singson, she would not be in MalacaƱang today.

In fact, she should not stop at Singson. When Joc-joc Bolante comes back, she should appoint him agriculture secretary so he could go back to his familiar ground and continue what he does best – diversion of funds for farmers to her campaign kitty. That way, he could invoke the all- season weapon against truth – executive privilege.

If bringing back Bolante at the Department of Agriculture is too much, she may want to put him at the National Food Authority where he could see first hand the effect on food prices of his using the fertilizer fund for vote buying.

With Singson as deputy national security adviser; Hermogenes Esperon as adviser for peace process; Raul Gonzalez as justice secretary, Arroyo has the best team to bring her down.

As I have said earlier, take it from the great war tactician, Napoleon Bonaparte: “Don’t disturb the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself.”

* * *

Philippine National Police Chief Avelino Razon Jr. has been reported to have confirmed that Deputy Director General Jesus Versoza will succeed him when he retires on September 29.

There are a number of advantages Versoza holds over his closest competitor, Metro Manila Police chief Director Geary Barias. One is his being the most senior commissioned officer in the organization’s “seniority lineal list” as cited by the National Police Commission in its resolution recommending Vesoza to the top PNP post. Another advantage is his rumored closeness to Gloria Arroyo’s husband, Mike.

But a PNP source said what clinched the position for Versoza is the fact that he will be the presiding officer of the police force in June 2010, a dangerous date for Gloria Arroyo. Versoza will be retiring in December 2010 while Barias is due to retire March 2010.

The source said if Arroyo opts for deep selection and appoint Barias, she could not be sure of the loyalty of the next PNP chief who would have the control of the police force when she steps down (supposedly ) in June 2010. A PNP chief appointed three months before a change of leadership would lean more on the incoming powers-that-be. Chances are high that it would be anti- Arroyo groups.

The source said with Versoza, Arroyo could be assured protection in June 2010 when she no longer has presidential powers to protect herself from the wrath of a victimized people.

What the source, a Versoza supporter, was conveying was, Arroyo is preparing for a scenario that Charter change will not push through and she will really have to step down in June 2010.

I believe that Arroyo has several options laid out for 2010. But given her rock bottom credibility, the numerous scandals hounding her, and the tension in , surviving the moment should be her more immediate concern .

* * *

The appointment of Singson to the second highest national security position has elicited strong reactions in my blog. Bob says “Diyos ko naman, talagang malaki ang galit ni Gloria sa Pilipinas.Talagang gusto niyang bumagsak ang Pilipinas”

Juggernaut wrote: “We are witness to the dawning of a new age where the will of the people is subverted and shoved in our faces like feces. We see people resoundingly rejected by the people being placed in sensitive positions, the likes of Recto, Chavez, Pichay et al. They are laughing at us all the way to the bank (Swiss or Cayman Islands).”

Singson is not taking the criticisms lightly. He said, “They’re just jealous. If they want the position, then it’s theirs. If they can help, the job is theirs. But if they will only add up to the troubles of our nation, then they should get out of the country.”

That’s the formula for national security, according to Chavit.

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