Pulse Asia 2010 senatorial survey, July 1-14, 2008

I was crunching the data for the July 1-14 senatorial survey of Pulse Asia. As I said earlier, my name is not included because I am not (yet) a sworn member of a big political party. Therefore, no political party paid for my name to be included in the survey. Iyon po iyon.

Anyway, the following current or former senatorial candidates made it to the top 14:

Pia Cayetano
Jinggoy Estrada
Mar Roxas
Frank Drilon
Miriam Santiago
Serge Osmena
Ralph Recto
Bong Revilla
Jamby Madrigal
Jun Magsaysay
Tito Sotto
Johnny Enrile

The only newbies were Koko Pimentel, who of course carries his father's name and sat at number 5, and Jojo Binay, who was number 14.

OK. Of this, strike out the following, for the alleged reasons cited:

Mar Roxas = running for President under LP
Miriam Santiago = wants to retire because of a heart problem
Serge Osmena = wants to retire to take care of his wife
Bong Revilla = wants to run as VP under Lakas-Kampi
Jun Magsaysay = his son Paco said his Dad is tired and will not run
Johnny Enrile = is tired and will not run
Jojo Binay = will run as VP of Erap in a possible UNO-PMP-PDP/Laban coalition.

So that leaves you with SEVEN former and current senators, who will surely win. Therefore, the field is tight. Only FIVE new senators will be elected from amongst the ten million who are aspiring for the position.

And the inevitable question. Does that scare me?


I just hope Kris Aquino does not run, because she will win by a super-mega-hyper-big landslide. Deal or no deal.

The five new ones who want to win should, beginning today, already go around the country; cobble alliances and coalitions north, south, east and west; and start massive fund-raising. Chiz, who had a huge media presence, said he spent PhP 25 million of funds raised for his campaign.

So anybody who already has a huge media presence should have at least PhP 30 million for the 2010 senatorial campaign.

My yaya has donated two carabaos at PhP 10,000 each. I already have PhP 20,000. My family gave me a van to go around. I am taking a salary loan from my job. That means I still need PhP 28 million.

And my dear friend Bambit has already done the design for my website, with a beautiful box for donations.

I think we can now start this campaign rocking.

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