My previous blog entry said suggestions are okay with me, so RainB and our other friends reading my blog need not fear I will cast the curse of the gay witch on them.

But let me assure you, guys and girls -- and the spies from two big and wealthy political parties I do not like, who I am sure are again sniffing about my blog, the way they sniffed around my landline and cellphone in the last elections -- let me assure you, friends and foes alike, that I am not running as an alternative candidate at all in the May 2010 elections.

That is why I am attending political meetings with representatives from the various political parties. I am attending these sometimes-boring meetings laden with food and chitchat because we are cobbling together a possible coalition, an alliance, for May 2010.

I have met several bleeding-hearts from the upper-middle and super-upper classes, who told me the opposition parties stank just as badly as the administration's. And thefore, I should run as an independent senatorial candidate in 2010. Hahahahaha! And where would they be from January to May 2010, when I need them and the funds that they could easily provide, but would not?

As RainB said, I have never mounted a coup d'etat and could never do a Manoy Sonny Trillanes. Manoy Sonny I campaigned for in 2007, as a fellow Bicolano and son of a military officer. But I do not intend to be an alternative candidate.

No, not at all. The only alternative thing about me is that I have never accepted any single centavo from the funds dangled to to me since 2006. But the same single-mindedness, the same sense of purpose, the plan to belong to a big political party, is there. Because when I belong to a big political party, somebody will guard my vote, will give me start-up funds, will book my flights and hotel stays, will include my name and face in omnibus TV and radio ads, will pay for some of my posters and tarps, will laugh with me when all we want to do is just give up and stare helplessly at the -- I am sure -- magnificent machinery and bottomless barrel of funds that the administration parties will use in May of 2010. Desperate people do desperate things, and watch how they will dwarf whatever funds we could come up with in the elections. But I have always trusted our people to see through what Winston Churchill called "a bodyguard of lies" that now guard those who are in power, those who have turned this country over to the dogs.

Nineteen months to go before D-Day. Or what James Joyce called Bloomsday!

And so, I am now looking at studies for my posters and tarpaulins, even listening to possible campaign jingles and looking at storyboards for my ads. My forthcoming wesbite has a box for donations, a la Obama. There are many bright and kind people, some of them ensconced well in Makati and who could have just ignored me, but they are now helping me craft a comprehensive publicity campaign that -- may God help us all! -- will give sanity, wit, and humor to the 2010 campaign. While the other candidates are shaking hands with governors and mayors but conveniently ignoring the young and the restless, we are slowly putting together a campaign plan that is not necessarily gay, but nevertheless happy.

Because if you are not happy with what you do, why do it at all?

And as Meryl Streep said in The Devil Wears Prada: "That's all."

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RainB said...

That's sounds great!

So far, everything is on schedule then?

I hope your handlers will create a media campaign that truly builds on your three strengths (at least from what I/we know about you) your sharp intelligence, your deep social perception, and radical set of values.

I have always believed that literature incubates a revolutionary mind, not political science or for that matter, philosophy, and aesthetics, not ethics, lay the foundation for a change movement.

And that is why I can't see you as an academician because your social perception keeps you engaged in the realities beyond theory, even beyond praxis.

And all these make a good senator, even if you lack the experience of dealing with, and finding your way into this heck of a system.

I trust that because you are anchored on good values, you can use your power before it corrupts you. I am sure there will come a time that it will corrupt you.

But those three make you a good politician. But to be a good candidate, you need winnability.

And i doubt that having a pink weblog brings that.

Never mind. We are doing our best to make you noticeable, so that they will pay attention. And when they do, do your darnest so that they will stick with you.