to bikol again

my uncle died of lung cancer yesterday so we are flying to albay in two batches -- early today for my parents, and tomorrow for mine.

so it is back to bicol again.

as for erap in ilocos, he said he just wants to thank the people for trusting him. oh yes.

either he is running for president, as i have said. or his son jinggoy will run as VP, with erap as the king behind the scene.

and do not snub jinggoy! he running neck and neck with chiz in internal surveys for the vice-presidency.

kahit na ano ang sabihin ng middle classes, malakas pa rin ang erap support. i peg it at a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 40 percent of the voters.

so those who snub him and his son do so, at their own peril.


Bambit said...

Our condolences, Danton. Hope to see you again real soon though.

hendrick said...

it should be "to thank" & not "to thanks". check it.
i thoght u wud give me a book once u go to bicol, im in naga.