Youth Quake: Register and Vote!

Every week, at least three groups of students interview me for topics ranging from gay rights, Ang Ladlad, Philippine Literature, or to my probable senatorial run in 2010. I get their names, cellphones and e-mail addresses, and every week, my database is growing longer and longer.

I also enjoin these young people to register and vote for young candidates who would haul this country into the 21st century. Invariably, my interviewers are bright, sassy, inquisitive kids, full of hope for this country. I remind them to register in the Comelec offices located in their municipal or city halls. You are the biggest bloc of voters in 2010, and you should prove your detractors wrong.

Detractors call them apathetic, shallow, emo-focused. But I think that was what we were, also, 25 years ago. And then Cory came, giving us the spark. And then there was darkness, and a deeper darkness.

And so we must all join ranks to ask the young and the restless to register and vote. And to make sure that the stupendous stupidity that is the Cha-Cha campaign goes to the sinkhole, where it truly belongs.

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