Kris Aquino is going to run

A noisy bird told me that, yes indeed, Kris Aquino is going to run for a senatorial seat in 2010. Why?

1. Pres. Cory does not want two children in the Senate. But since Noynoy will be the Vice-Presidential candidate of Mar Roxas's Liberal Party, then the Senate seat for the Aquinos will be vacant.

2. Here comes Kris. She was quoted in 2003 as saying she was interested in running for the Senate. But then, she had to give way to eldest brother, Noynoy.

I campaigned for Noynoy in the last elections because of Cory, and because my party -- the PDP-Laban -- requested me to do so, since Ninoy Aquino and PDP-Laban go back a long, long way, even during the days of martial law. The Ziga family of Albay also requested me to help Noynoy.

When we were going around QC with the Noynoy posters and calendars, the ones with Noynoy and Kris were snapped up in an instant. 'Yung kay Noynoy lang, kamote. So that goes to show how strong little sister with the big mouth is.

3. Kris is a shrewd little girl. She knows that the ratings of her shows are going down and -- more important -- that less and less ads are coming her way. With the entry of KC Concepcion, the ad agencies are now lining up in front of her door. Showbiz people make more money from ads than from their daily TV shows. A top-rating star can make P500,000 a month from two TV shows. One ad 30 seconds long, and shot in less than two hours, can easily rake in P10 million.

So Kris --like our role model Madonna -- has to reinvent herself and run. The shows are going, along with the ads. She was Dad Ninoy's best campaign manager in 1978, when he ran as Assemblyman in the Batasang Pambansa. It was an election that the Marcoses rigged.

So welcome, Kris. I am sure she will top the elections, with Adel sliding to number 2. But if Bong Revilla does not run for VP and runs for senator instead, these will be the top three:

1. Kris Aquino
2. Bong Revilla
3. Adel Tamano

And if Chiz Escudero runs for Vice-President against Jinggoy Estrada, Chiz will win.

How do I know this? Just listen and talk to the masses -- to the people outside our middle-class and upper-class circle. They constitute 80 percent of our voters. And they vote in terms of personalities, not platforms.

So on with the show

on jv ejercito

Hola. I just went to the website of Tatay Erap, and there it is. The former President has just asked San Juan Mayor JV Ejercito, his son with Guia Gomez, not to run for Senator again in May 2010. Instead, JV is being asked to run as a Congressman of San Juan, to preserve the district for the family, or some such words. Hmmm. These words really remind me of words members of royalty would use, when talking about their parcels of land.

Being a good son, JV relented. Remember that in the last elections, JV would have won as Senator, but then, Kit Tatad threw a tantrum and said something about a family dynasty. Thus, JV ran instead as San Juan mayor.

And there now lies the problem. Who would be the next mayor of San Juan? JV wants his mother to run. And Jinggoy? He wants his wife Precy to run.

It sounds like a Hollywood sit-com: All in the Family.

And so the fearless forecast. If Erap is not allowed to run by the Supreme Court, then it would be Manny Villar for President and Jinggoy Estrada for Vice-President.

It is now or never for the Estrada family. By 2016, Tatay Erap would be weaker -- politically and otherwise -- and it would be difficult, indeed, for Jinggoy to win as VP on the sheer strength of his father's vaunted command votes.

So as of the latest count, Adel would be top the senatorial race. Wanna bet?

pink crystal ball

I got some email responses and text messages asking me why did I join PDP-Laban?

For the record, I filed my candidacy as a Congressman of District 3 of Quezon City as an Independent, for the May 14, 2007 elections. I had toyed with the idea of joining the Liberal Party. But my political advisers had told me to run as an Independent, to prove a point.

I did and filed as one. Then in the last week of April 2007, PDP-Laban of Quezon City talked to me. They said they wanted to support my candidacy. They would endorse me as the official candidate of the Genuine Opposition, and would help me in the campaign. Thus, I officially ran as a candidate of the Genuine Opposition, under the PDP-Laban Party.

But as I have said, we are talking here of the last elections. Although I am still, officially, with the PDP-Laban, what I see in the May 2010 elections will be coalitions. And to answer your questions, no, there will be NO single opposition party. Everyone is now busy cobbling together their
informal, unofficial slates. In short, like animals sniffing each other, everybody is running circles, smiling at each other, smelling each other's loyalties -- or lack of it.

Thus, the following images are beginning to form in my pink crystal ball:

1. As you saw in the news today, Erap Estrada is now veering towards the direction of Manny Villar as President. I see here a possible endorsement with a tit-for-tat. Thus:

Nacionalista Party, Puwersa ng Masang Pilipino, the United Opposition, and yes, PDP-Laban will endorse:

Manny Villar - for President
Jinggoy Estrada - for Vice President

And for Senators:

1. JV Ejercito
2. Adel Tamano
3. Teofisto "TG" Guingona Jr.
4. Gilbert Remulla
5. Justin Chipeco
6. Jojo Binay
7. Koko Pimentel

JV, Adel, Binay, Koko and Gilbert will win, with JV and Adel tangling for the first and second slots in the senatorial race. Koko, Binay, and Gilbert will be in the last third (8-12 positions) in the race.

Officially, I have not yet discussed the possibility of running as a Senator with the Puwersa ng Masang Pilipino and the United Opposition. My party, the PDP-Laban, has not yet officially chosen its senatorial candidate.

Nothing is official, but informal talks have begun.

The Liberal Party of Mar Roxas II is one option. I am friends with many people in this group, but I have yet to sit down with them and discuss. Although when the LP see me, they always ask: "O, kelan ka na manunumpa?'


I have to keep all doors open. Except, perhaps, the door that leads to the administration party. Heller!

i told you so

One of our readers said I forgot to include Manny Pacquiao in the Lakas senatorial bets. He will not run. Manny was sad he lost to Darlene. He was sadder, still, when he realized that the millions of his personal money he gave to the political operators never reached the people -- in the form of campaign leaflets, lunch and transport money for his supporters, and pakimkim. So I am sure that Manny will not run again. Since he faced dead ends both as a politician and as an actor, he would just return to where he is, rightfully, the King. In the world of boxing.

And did you watch the TV news tonight? I am right. Lakas is fielding a host of candidates who are three-term congressmen, mayors, governors, and of course, its slew of losing senatorial candidates in 2007. As I said, only Manong Joe de Venecia, Ralph Recto, and Sonny Belmonte would make it. But since Mayor Belmonte just wants to retire -- after making QC one of the best cities in Asia, said The Financial Times -- then Lakas would only get two seats.

Bong Revilla, of course, is running as a VP. And Lito Lapid, may God bless him, will make more movies. Ho-hum.

The Lakas senatorial slate is so Jurassic. I am sure the youth -- who comprise 70 percent of voters -- would just say, "Eh kumusta naman ang mga kandidatong yan?"

And what about the other parties? A president needs a vice-president, plus 12 candidates for senator. The Nacionalista Party of Manny Villar said they have the following senatoriables:

1. Gilbert Remulla --former ABS anchor and former congressman of Cavite
2. Justin Chipeco -- congressman of Laguna
3. Koko Pimentel
4. somebody else whose name I forgot, sorry.

Koko cannot join them, because like me, he is with the PDP-Laban. And the PDP-Laban, of course, is allied with the United Opposition of former President Joseph Estrada.

Of these names, only Gilbert Remulla would win, possibly landing near the bottom of the barrel.

The Liberal Party of Mar Roxas has this list:

1. Erin Tanada - congressman of Quezon
2. Neric Acosta - former congressman of Bukidnon
3. Ruffy Biazon - congressman of -- ano na nga ba iyon?
3. two other names I forgot, bejesus!

Erin and Neric are friends of mine, but objectively speaking, they need national visibility to win.
Both are bright boys, with their hearts in the proper places. But they need to be known, from Batanes to Basilan. Ruffy is just his dad's son.

And the fact that I keep on forgetting the two other names in the LP list means that if I, who live and breathe politics, have forgotten them momentarily, what more Juan and Juana de la Cruz in the plazas and the palengke?

My fearless forecast: There would be two or three opposition parties and they would have difficulty forging together a senatorial slate of 12 good people. So that means there will be guest candidates all around.

And did you read my earlier paragraph where I said I am, still, with PDP-Laban which is allied with the United Opposition? So if they field Jinggoy Estrada for President and Jojo Binay for VP, I am duty-bound, as a good party member, to follow suit?

In theory, yes.

But Philippine politics does not live by theory alone.

Media mileage and national visibility, ladies and gentlemen, is the name of the game.

So let the games begin!

ooops; more senatorial names

typos, typos. In the earlier blog, the Chinese money should read: "monkey" and "Sonny Belmote," of course, should be "Sonny Belmonte."

I texted Adel Tamano a fortnight ago to tease him about running in the Senate. My crystal ball tells me 2010 is going to be the year of the young, the fearless, and the politically prepared (read: bright naman, for a change, ha). So here is my list of potential winners in the under 45 category for the Senate of the Philippines.

In no particular order:

Adel Tamano
Darlene Antonino Custodio
Riza Hontiveros Baraquel
Koko Pimentel (if his current senatorial protest does not prosper)
TG Guingona

Add JV Ejercito, also, even if he is from La Salle.

How about the over 45 like Jamby Madrigal? Well, if Judy Anne Santos does not support Jamby this time (and you should hear Juday's manager fulminate about this), Lady Jamby might just say goodbye to a senatorial seat.

How about the others who are between 60 and the call of their Creator? Well, I will wait for their names to become clearer in my pink crystal ball.

super thanks

for those who e-mailed and texted, thanks. yes, i take 1000 mg (mg ba yun) of Vitamin C. I avoid antibiotics. And my doctor also gave me Vitamin B. She said I need to be stronger for the return of the comeback in 2010.

Did you see the list of senatorial candidates that Lakas has just released? It is a list of congressman whose three terms are up: de Venecia of Pangasinan, Zialcita of Paranaque, Nograles of Davao, del Mar of is that Samar? (Or it just rhymed?). They are also forcing Mayor Sonny Belmote of QC, my city, to run, as well as Mayor Duterte of Davao City. And then, of course, Tol Defensor of my third district, QC.

Lakas is also asking Bong Revilla and Lito Lapid from the current Senate to run. This is unfortunate, especially in the case of the latter who is a confirmed member of the Comite de Silencio, a group of senators who typify the money of Chinese mythology: see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil. In short, they never spoke in the halls of the Senate. At least, Bong Revilla spoke up for the Anti-Discrimination Bill last year, in the Senate.

Ralph Recto is also running, and Butch Pitchay.

Well, well, well. They must think that running for the Senate is easy if you have been a congressman. Wrong. Running for the Senate needs a national visibility. The country is not the city; it is not your district, too, where you could easily win friends and influence people by magical means, especially done the eve of election day.

Among these senatoriables, my crystal ball tells me the following will win:

1. Manong Joe de Venecia

2. Sonny Belmonte -- but Mayor Belmonte, my sources told me, just wants to rest after his three terms as QC Mayor.

3. Bong Revilla -- but my sources tell me he will run as a VP.

4. Ralph Recto -- because Governor Vi, of the hullaballoo thing, will campaign for him.

So the only Lakas winners so far, among those running, would be Manong Joe de Venecia and former Senator Ralph Recto.

They will win, yes, but my crystal ball tells me they will be found down there, in the lower bottom of the top 12 senatorial winners. Wanna bet a bowl of mami?

And how about Tol and Pechay? They have a lot of growing up to do.

ill no more

finally, the flu virus is out of my door. i refused to take antibiotics and such and just drank a drum of water. i could not sleep well, and had hallucinations of me becoming the head of comelec.

i looked at the names of comelec nominees and i smiled. more than half are good and bright people. i hope they get in, so the old scoundrels (both retired, retiring, soon to retire, if not expire) could be like my flu virus: their asses kicked out of the door.

so the student papers and mid terms have to be checked.

and the meetings with the radio station finalized. they asked me could i broadcast more than once a week? i would be insane to say no to a station that is broadcast all over the archipelag0 -- nationally -- and then relayed to every regional and provincial out post beyond the metro.

This was the route taken by my friend Kuya Chiz -- national radio. I am just following his suggestion.

And so to those who text to ask if i have eaten, yes, i have. and sorry i cannot really answer some text messages because i am not cut out to be a text mate. i would rather read. Or go to sleep.

See you next time.


i have been home the past two days because i am sick. cold and cough and head aches. so am taking a slew of medicines, inhaling steam, taking lots of super hot soup.

so for those who text me, i am sorry i cannot answer you. i just sneaked out of the house to write this blog. i can hardly read the letters in my cellphone. my reading glasses have a power of 1,000. my new pair makes it possible for me to see, razor-sharp, images from afar. but when i read something a few inches from my eyes, i cannot read it.

so maybe, you can just email me your questions or comments here. i will answer them. promise.

so what has happened in the last two days? vilma santos, the batangas governor, is being groomed to run as vp. the latest vilma said was calling the alleged payola at malacanang --where she was present -- just a hullabaloo thing. hullabaloo na, thing pa. I think vilma is a good executive, but a VP? Darling, you have to advocate policy and debate and argue till kingdom come. You need an arsenal of words aside from redundant ones like h --- thing.

And Noli de Castro? I think, and this is just me talking, that we need for 2010 an articulate, young, bright leader with a vision. Enough of trapos, of uneducated people, of media sensations. Please lang, ano, Vietnam is poised to take off faster than us. Later, you will see Laos, Cambodia, Bhutan and Sikkim overtaking us.

We are supposed to be a nation of bright people. Oh yes, we are, but we should work more and talk less.

And that is why my blogs are short. Gotta go.


i must be really ill. i posted a blog, but sent it instead to strange fruitasia, a book i am helping to put out in malaysia.

if you go to my profile down, pls go to strange fruit and it is there. so sorry. i am so sleepy now.


thank you

Thank you to those who texted me and gave their cellphone numbers. You see, I am reconstructing my virused cell phone. All the numbers were erased. I think this is part of my political enemies' campaign to cut me off from all my contacts. Charing.

Also, to the young people who texted me, super thanks. I have always thought that Lolo Pepe Rizal was right. In you lie the hope of the country. Not in some skunk-smelling, super-mega-hyper trapo with fat and oily face posturing in your TV screens.

Also, I have sent my first column to Pinoy Parazzi, the hottest and newest tabloid in town, which comes out 3 x a week. Full of photos with funny captions and a gaggle of celebrity columnists, this tabloid should take the country by storm this year. They are now working on their distribution outside the metro. So for those of you who texted me to ask Pinoy Parazzi to go all over the country, your wish was my command.

Their website is

My column is called "Itanong kay Professor Danton," which is an advice column for young people regarding education, arts and culture. It is a short, cheeky column that I hope will get lots of readers, the way my Phil Star column and blog have lots of readers -- half of them spies from the other political groups monitoring what this "mere" English teacher is doing to jump-start the campaign.

As they say, mamatay kayo sa inggit!

Happy new year!

in far fairview

home for new year, in far fairview. i am sleepy and overfed. i like it here because my adopted daughter is here, bright and noisy, as well as my nephew -- how did he grow to be so tall? There are housemaids, and cooked food, and a cool room, plus my parents' perfect masahista -- Aling Azon.

I am currently re constructing my cellphone contacts, which got virused. So please email or text me your name and phone number at 0918 979 3665.

I look at 2008 and the books I have to do:

1. Philippine Gay Dictionary -- for final updating

2. Rampa: Gay Essays -- for final layout and cover design

3. Best Phil Love Stories -- for final layout and cover design

And we are just talking about the books that have left my writing table.

UP Press, DLSU Press, Ateneo Press and UST Press keep on asking me for any manuscript they could publish. When I asked why, they said because of reputation, chuvaness. When pressed, they said: "Because your books sell. We want to make money -- for a change." Hmmmm.

Once, I was sitting beside Danny Reyes of the Ateneo in a literary forum. The speakers were complaining there is no money in writing, how low their royalties are, their books gather mold in the stores.

Danny, with his bright tarsier eyes, looked at me and flicked his words: "Ay, Danton. I am sure you don't belong to this group of writers with no readers."

I sure hope so.