A coalition that will never happen

I just approved a comment that said he wanted the NP, LP, NPC, Lakas, PMP, etc etc to join forces and field a common senatorial slate. And then he proceeded to list down names for his senatorial slate, and I am not there.

I approved it nevertheless, in the spirit of wicked fun.

And what is the latest about my campaign?

1. We are firming up our provincial campaign teams.

2. One big political party sent an officer to the Ateneo to get a copy of my CV. And why? I am not applying for a teaching position in his political party ;-)

3. Another said their political party wants me to run as their VP. I just gave them my Mona Lisa smile.

4. Still another one wants me to sign an affiliation agreement with them.

5. I have begun meeting with my advertising and promo team, a group of Makati hotshots, friends of long standing. The operative word in my campaign ads would be FUN.

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euthymic said...

i had lots of fun reading this, and i know you are a very caring and sincere person, danton. so you got my vote, you one of the good guys:)