how to win a senate seat

1. talk in tagalog.

2. read up on issues.

3. have a strong political party.

4. don't flit from party to party.

5. smiles, sound-bites and smart moves all around.

There are many re-electionists running for the senatorial seats in 2010. Many of them would win.

Alas and alack, my fearless forecast is that it would be a lucky year if at least FOUR new and young candidates would win a seat in the Senate.

And so the race begins....

Excuse me while I leave the metropolis for a week, to touch base with the student council editors and school paper editors and the forgotten lower-middle classes of this country.

And one day, in God's own good time, a plausible and reliable survey of senatorial candidates would appear.

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m2comms said...

its seems Col. Ariel Quirubin is running for the Senate.(see What's your take sir? Is he Trillanes, version 2?