obama's campaign manager

I recently attended a forum led by Joe Hansen, a campaign consultant of Barack Obama. He is like the US President himself -- sharp, funny, wise and calm. Add a dash of folksy charm as well, and you know why Team Obama bulldozed the Republicans piloted by Mc Cain.

On the way out of Club Filipino, I met a former senator, a senior member of what might be called the Opposition.

He smiled at me, walked over to me, and clasped my hand. Last year, he would not even recognize me, when we were together in a forum in the same place.

Ahhh, how times have changed.

Joe Hansen talked about how the gays and lesbians of the USA helped Obama win the presidency. You may call it niche marketing, or gray marketing, or whatever. But Obama touched base with them, and with the youth, and with the minorities, and with the others who felt they were voiceless and not important.

But our senior senator was non-plussed. He told me, "Danton, we know all of that already. Why listen to him?"

I just gave him my small smile, at this old fart who has tried again and again to recapture his former senatorial seat, and looked at him as he staggered down the stairs, into the cold embrace of his long and shiny car.

And then returned to Joe Hansen, who helped put into power a young, bright, brave and eloquent man of the people.

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