Who will be the President of the Philippines in 2010?

Who will win as President of the Philippines in 2010? I offer this reading, which is as slippery as they come, but borne of deep thinking while making that breathless crawl from Loyola Heights, where I live, to Ayala Avenue, where I currently work.

1. Loren Legarda will win if she can cobble together enough money. P2 billion tops.

2. Mar Roxas will win if he injects excitement into his campaign, i.e., get Kris Aquino to run as his VP. In this way, Korina will raise his left hand and Kris will raise his right hand. That's a tough team to defeat.

3. Manny Villar will win if he manages to clean the dirt thrown at him by Lacson and Jamby over C 5. When an issue has spawned jokes and has been embedded in the comic and cosmic imagination of the Filipino, then it is hard to erase this C 5 at Taga.

4. Noli de Castro will win if he finally moves away from the shadow of GMA.

5. Chiz Escudero will win if GMA will not endorse him and if his NPC does not coalesce with the latak team of GMA.

6. And finally, Erap will win IF ONLY the Supreme Court will allow him to run. Eh ayaw...

Aside from funds, excitement, ladies and gentlemen, is the name of the game. I look at the names of people running for senator and I want to go to sleep. I can count with the fingers of one hand the people I would want to run with, and vote for.

And of course, I want to have a question and answer session for senatorial candidates, with tough questions on globalization, education, the economy, the baselines bill, JPEPA, rah rah rah, siz boom bah

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Meloh P. Salazar said...

NOYNOY will win, beacause he is the only ONE among the presidentiables who looks very sincere on helping the country.