the young here, there, everywhere

My gazillion thanks to the young people who comment on my blog, send me e-mail messages, or text me on the cell phone. Their inexhaustible fire will fuel the 2010 elections, turning it into an election to be decided by the young, and by those who have the idealism of the young.

yesterday i was talking to a priest. two days ago, to a group of teachers. last week, to farmers and market vendors in the south. a fortnight ago, to a group of students in mindanao.

and they echo with the same words, filled with a thirst for the truly non-trapo upon whom they could give their trust in 2010.

i tell them to look at the track records of the candidates, their votes for or against important bills, what they have done concretely for the country.

in the workplace, in congress and in the senate, what blights us is our propensity to shoot our mouths off. in the end, work is more important than words. words you can slough off, like layers of dead skin.

and so to our politicians running in 2010: avoid a diarrhea of words. go for the substance, not the shadow. have style if you want.

but i am sure that in 2010, the voters -- especially the young -- will rally behind candidates who will haul this country into the 21st century, where it belongs.

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kaya gusto kitang ihatid sa plenaryo ng senado, sir. TC