Liberal Party statement on the Ombudsman's Charges against Senator Salonga

Anybody who dares to throw mud at the grand old man of Philippine politics, the brilliant Senator Jovito Salonga, will surely get it from his millions of supporters. Especially if the mud-thrower is the supremely bad actress with the name of Merceditas Gutierrez who, single-handedly, has destroyed the good name and reputation of the Ombudsman. In these perilous times, read Shakespeare and the Greek plays and learn what the gods do to those whose leaders who have reached the autumns of their reign.

And why am I spreading the word about the Liberal Party?

Because I signed up as a Liberal Party last March 2, 2009, and has sworn to help it in the campaign for the 2010 elections.

And am I now an official candidate of the LP for its 2010 senatorial slate? Let LP announce it, during an appropriate time, and I am sure in a great grand ceremony.

The LP needs all the young blood it could get to infuse it with dynamism, energy and wit.


The Liberal Party refutes the charges of the Ombudsman against Senator Jovito Salonga, LP Chairman Emeritus. The purpose of such a move is not to serve the ends of justice but rather to cloud the issues and portray a respected statesman in a bad light even as it tries to project resolve in pursuing its mandate. It is consistent with this administration’s squid tactic of harassing its critics and whistleblowers while ostensibly proclaiming its determination to combat graft and corruption.

This latest antic of the Ombudsman is a desperate attempt to shore up public confidence in the institution and stem public indignation and clamor for her resignation. It is bound to fail in the face of Senator Salonga’s exceptional record of public service in and out of government. He has served his publics selflessly with a consistent and deliberate application of the rule of law and a high ethical standard. It puts to shame the record of the Ombudsman, which has shown obvious partiality in pursuing cases affecting Gloria Macapagal – Arroyo, her family and those they are indebted to. It lays bare the Ombudsman’s malicious intent when contrasted to her inaction on multi-billion peso cases such as the MegaPacific deal, the ZTE-NBN case, the Fertilizer scam and a host of corruption cases that has plagued this country under GMA’s administration. She cannot escape the verdict of history with her misuse of the Office of the Ombudsman. Her inaction on these celebrated cases skews the ends of justice in favour of a rapacious and illegitimate cabal in Malacanang.


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